Headphones – Made in Great Britain

Made in the UK

Made in England

Made with audio excellence in mind

To our knowledge Carboncans are the only headphones actually made in Great Britain. To be more precise the headphones are manufactured in Birmingham and Hand Built in Stratford Upon Avon. The headphones were designed whilst we were based in Central London office and our move north was intended to give our company the room it needed to set up a production line. Why Stratford Upon Avon?  Because here we are near the source of our manufacturing in Birmingham and near research facilities in Warwick.

Carboncans are made with a Nylon compound that has 12 Carbon elements in it’s structure. We also use Carbon filler to add strength to the base material. The result – strength, durability and flexibility which in turn give you reliability and comfort.

Interesting facts about the material:

Next time you try on your snowboard take a look at the bindings, these are made from a similar material to our headphones.

Like playing Guitar? – Believe it or not the strings you use are actually Nylon, not the same compound as our headphones but very similar.

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