If you were watching UK TV on Saturday night and were tuned into X Factor, like the other 10 million or so unfortunate people. You will have had at least the small good fortune of seeing the funky advert from Orange telecom featuring our shiney new headphones.

You can check this out on You Tube: http://youtu.be/i-LVIh51v3s

It’s a good offer so if you need a new phone but ends soon so don’t delay!

Welcome to the Angle & Curve blog. Yes we will occasionally talk about our super cool ‘cans’ (headphones) but we also want to share with you the things, products and stuff that gives us inspiration to design great innovative audio products.

Our first range of cans are super light for comfort and have our new 40mm ‘Disco Drivers’ to create a superb audio experience.

Angle & Curve Classic Headphone