Carboncans – Carbon Black & Bullion Gold (with mic)

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Carboncans – Ultra Durable, dynamic sound headphones, hand-built in England.

Carboncans, patriotic headphones with purpose. The simple yet contemporary headphones are designed to have great sound with no compromise on design. Quality is paramount.




Sound – Using our vast experience of sound engineering we selected a brilliant Mylar driver to create what we term “full spectrum sound”. What is this? In basics your music will be reproduced with a warm and rich sound that is “vibrant” and “colourful” at every frequency range, just like listening to Vinyl.

Durability – Through extensive research and development , we pioneered the use of Nylon with a Carbon filler. Carboncans are Ultra Durable and very flexible.

Comfort – The flexible headband gives a noticeable reduction in pressure tension on the ears, this increased comfort means you can listen to your music for longer.
The bespoke ear-cushions are soft and comfortable, whilst keeping unwanted noise out.

Fit – Our slider fit design uses a rubber component to effortlessly fit your headphones to your preferred size, including reverb isolation so no unwanted vibrations get in and no unwanted vibrations get out. Simply slide and listen.

Design – English made with a simple design using minimal parts thus giving better reliability. The result is a timeless headphone.

Ultra Discreet Mic – The in-line microphone allows you make and receive calls on the go, keeping your hands free.

Compact – The fast fold headphone is great for travel, taking up less luggage space.

Weatherproof Finish – Carboncans are finished in a rubberized soft touch paint that is used by the British premium automotive sector on car switch gear. The finish is weatherproof, durable and tactile.

Made In England – Carboncans are a British affair, designed in London, Manufactured in Birmingham and Hand-Built with care in Stratford Upon Avon.

Packaging – Pick up your magnetically sealed jet-black box, with the specially designed rubber handle, you get the idea that your Carboncans are made with the care and attention they deserve.
The box is hand-made in England and we have removed all excess cardboard fitments to reduce environmental impact.

WEEE Compliance – Angle & Curve is fully WEEE compliant and a result we take responsibility to recycle waste electrical materials. Carboncans are designed to be durable and are made from recyclable material, all better for the environment.

Additional information

Driver Units:


Frequency Response:



97± 3dB


32 Ohm

1 review for Carboncans – Carbon Black & Bullion Gold (with mic)

  1. Dale Thorn
    5 out of 5

    Based in the USA, I never expected to hear an affordable headphone quite like this. Outside of the thousand dollar class of electrostatic, planar, and premium dynamic headphones by Stax, Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic, Audeze, HiFiMan, and MrSpeakers, everything is bass-heavy and shrill, or bass-heavy and dull. So feel free to pick your favorite treble response on this side of the Atlantic, but low-end boom, boom, boom is the standard by which we (the non-wealthy) live.

    Once I got over my surprise at hearing music without the aforementioned sound effects, I entered a state of musical bliss that I didn’t want to end, or pause for the necessity of eating dinner. But pause I did, and then got a closer look at what I’d purchased for £120 or so – a mostly plain-looking headphone with a gold** trim around the earcups and gold endcaps on the earpieces. Not real gold I suppose, or perhaps a gold paint of some kind, but still a nice trim color to offset the headphone’s basic black.

    **Other trim colors are available.

    Getting back to the sound of the CarbonCans, for customers who favor the sounds of real (i.e. acoustic) instruments – from violins and classic pipe organs to operatic voices and majestic choirs – the CarbonCans sound is natural and unenhanced, and may take some getting used to.

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